Lives Intertwined:  Dar el Makhzen (The Royal Palace)
Each day is a little life
Typical day in Fes
The Fish Market
Fresh Shark
Small Adventures: Chachnou or Fruit from the Strawberry Tree
Tangerines are everywhere
Fes' Narrowest Street of the 10,000 in the Medina
An ancient public fountain, still used as a water supply for local homes
The Blue Wall
The Donut Shop
A beloved medina mule
Woman making pastry, perhaps warqa, in the Fes medina
Shopping in the Fes medina
The finishing touches
In the Copper District
Square pegs, round holes: One of three leather tanneries in Fes
The Carpet Sellers
The Drum Maker
Fresh Bread - baked at the local communal oven adjacent to the hamman
One of the most gratifying dishes... soup
Tiny man, tiny shop
Alive, alive-oh. In the background are bags of snails.
A story, waiting to be written
It takes a village to keep the palace doors shining.
Carefree - boys atop an ancient wall running along the border of a cemetery.
Multi Use. In Morocco, cemeteries can be dangerous places. Hard to believe when looking at a pastoral scene.
Life in the big city
Timeless treasure
Adieu Maroc
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